What is the service life of 410 products

Editor:嘉兴合邦机械科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-11-10 

410 material is characterized by fast rusting, slow rusting speed, and the corrosion speed is only 1/150 of that of ordinary carbon steel. Different from the rust of carbon steel, the rust of 410 is floating rust. The rust is fast and the further corrosion is very slow. 410 is stainless steel with high chromium content. When oxidized, a dense chromium oxide is formed on the surface of the product. This layer of chromium oxide can prevent further oxidation. Therefore, the rust of 410 will not affect the mechanical properties of the product for a long time. In order not to cause users to question the appearance, it is recommended to use 410 coated nails, which can last forty to fifty years.