The use of stainless steel self-drilling nails pays attention to "check the seat"

Editor:Jiaxing UNITEK Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2021-11-11 

Drilling nails of different product specifications can be used in different system environments to give full play to their maximum performance. It is like stainless steel drill nails: SUS304, SUS316 and SUS410 and other stainless steel drill nails of different materials have different mechanical properties. 304 and 316 drill screws can only attack plastic steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium titanium alloy, industrial plastics and other materials, while SUS410 stainless steel drill nails can not only attack the above materials, but also stainless steel plates and various materials. The hardness of the steel plate is HV300 (under 18mm). Therefore, when purchasing stainless steel self-drilling nails, you must clarify the use requirements of the scene and what mechanical properties are required for the product. It cannot be generally assumed that, anyway, the drill nails can be used everywhere. Because of the difference in length, number of teeth, material, hardness, tail, etc. of each small drill tail nail, the corresponding use environment is also different. The use of stainless steel self-drilling nails must pay attention to "matching seats", and different products can be used for different needs to achieve the best results.

It's just going to be used on the blade, and good stainless steel drill nails should also be used where it should be used. The right one is the best. Otherwise, even if the product is good, the effect achieved by using it in the wrong place may not be as good as the inferior product. Jiaxing Hebang Machinery Technology has a variety of stainless steel self-drilling nails of different materials and specifications to meet the different needs of different system environments. Each product of Hebang has its own "mission", and only by using it correctly can the effect be maximized.