Customization process of non-standard screws (non-standard parts)

Editor:Jiaxing UNITEK Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2021-11-11 

Non-standard screws refer to screws that are not designed and produced according to standard parameters. Many customers who customize non-standard screws for the first time will have a question: Why is the customized delivery time of non-standard screws so long? Here is a detailed introduction to the entire customization process of non-standard screws:

First of all, we must first communicate with the customer. In what scenarios are the non-standard screws required by the customer? What kind of fastening effect needs to be achieved? What kind of appearance (including head shape, groove shape, etc.), corrosion resistance, etc.? Determine product size, material, surface treatment, etc. according to requirements. After the basic information is confirmed, the product drawings will be issued. After the drawings are confirmed, the molds and wires must be customized.

After the mold and wire are in place, the first thing to come out is the sample. Send the sample to the customer, and the mass production will be carried out after the customer confirms it.

Compared with the production of standard parts, this whole process has more processes such as design drawings, mold customization, and proofing confirmation, so it takes a long time. If the customer has additional requirements such as salt spray test, tensile strength testing or third-party performance testing, the time will be even longer, and time will be reserved for some emergencies, so the time period for custom non-standard screws is generally far In standard parts.


(Non-standard parts customization process)