What are the advantages of self-drilling screws than ordinary screws

Editor:Jiaxing UNITEK Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2021-11-11 

As a new star in the screw category in recent years, drill tail screws have been favored by major industries once they were launched. Compared with ordinary screws, self-drilling screws have incomparable advantages:

1. Better toughness. The SUS410 material with low carbon content is commonly used for drill tail screws. After heat treatment, it has achieved considerable toughness, which can effectively avoid screw fracture due to excessive internal hardness.

2. High intensity. After heat treatment, the surface hardness of the drill nail can reach above HV580-HV750, which is used for drilling, tapping and locking, which greatly reduces the construction time and improves the work efficiency.

3. Beautiful appearance, low price and good quality.

Looking at ordinary screws, unlike self-tapping screws, which do not need to be tapped in advance, ordinary screws need to be tapped on the fastening object before the screw can be screwed in, which greatly increases the construction time.