Correct use method of self-drilling screw

Editor:Jiaxing UNITEK Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2021-11-10 

In addition to being used in some engineering projects, self-drilling screws are also suitable for home decoration. Compared with other screws, the self-drilling screw has the characteristics of direct drilling, tapping, and locking, which greatly saves construction time and improves work efficiency. However, the use of self-drilling screws must pay attention to certain methods in order to achieve the most ideal fastening effect. Especially for the families that decorate themselves, let me introduce to you. In the future, you can solve the small decorations in some families by yourself.

Before this, let me introduce the scope of application of self-drilling screws: self-drilling screws are mainly used for fixing color steel tiles of steel structures, and can also be used for fixing thin plates of simple buildings. The applicable objects of the self-drilling screws of different materials are different. For example, the self-drilling screws used on wood are generally made of iron, while those used on steel plates are iron and stainless steel. The specific material and specification of the self-drilling screw should be selected according to the specific conditions such as the material and thickness of the object to be used. Below, the manufacturer of high-strength stainless steel fasteners from Hebang Technology will introduce the correct use of self-drilling screws:

1. First, you need to prepare a special electric drill with a power of about 600W, and check whether there is a problem with the drill speed. Adjust the locator of the electric drill to a proper position to ensure that the tail screw can be drilled to the correct position.

2. Choose a suitable bit or sleeve (different heads use different sleeves for self-drilling screws), install it on the electric drill, and then connect the screws.

3. It is important to note that the tail screw and electric drill must be perpendicular to the surface of the profiled steel plate during installation.

4. Apply a force of about 13 Newtons (that is, 13 kg) to the electric drill by hand to ensure that the force is on the same vertical line as the center point.

5. Turn on the power switch and the electric drill starts to work. It cannot be stopped halfway. After the screws are in place, the drilling should be stopped quickly (be careful not to drill down in place or excessively).